Tuesday, February 26, 2008

what a web (w)e weave

i am always awestruck at what a small world this is. Mike and I were at Mt Hermon this last weekend, hanging out with a life coach named Bob Nicholson, and "interned" under him to see if life coaching/counseling is something Mike is interested in as a future career. He held a seminar and a couple meetings where we observed. The very last meeting that day was a family from Loomis. 

"Loomis?" i shrieked, before realizing I just opened a (cool) but big opening for a conversation. "yep, we are from Loomis". 
I say (before holding my tongue), "we were from Rocklin! Just moved from there about 2 years ago!". 
"Really, i work at Sierra College", says the husband. 
"No way", mike says, "we lived kiddy corner from the school in the apartments". 
"We are renting right now, and we live in the same complex. I am currently looking for a few good babysitters", says the wife. 
"No way, we probably have some names for you-we were youth pastors before moving here", I say, again, thinking there is no connection.
"Really? What church?" asks the wife. 
"Sierra College Blvd. Baptist Church, now LIFEhouse Church," I said figuring they went to Bayside like the rest of the town. 
"No way, we just became members there!" says the husband. 

the conversation went on, past on names of babysitters, and went on our way. But it is amazing to see how we are all interrelated somehow. It felt like the 6 degrees of Mike or Sarah Martin. I think that makes the body of Christ so cool. I bet you I now someone, who knows someone, who knows someone from South Africa, who knows Mike or me. Or our churches we have served at. And the same is probably for you. 

TRIPPY! But fun. neat. and kind of scary.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alternate Names for "Jesus"

there's a new rendition of the hymn "O For a Thousand Tongues" by David Crowder we played today at vintage. There's a chorus (verse? i dont know) that says:
"there are so few words that never grow old...Jesus". 
and we repeat it a few times in the song and it flipped me out-triggered this old memory. here's why. 

so when I first became a Christian, I really struggled using the name "Jesus" when i prayed, talked about Him, etc. I usually prayed "Dear God, said "God loves you", "God has made a difference in my life". I think i was afraid of not being politically correct with my friends (God is so much more neutral than Jesus) and was kind of weirded out by the name "Jesus" (english pronunciation). 

All the things I knew of Jesus was from the girl who said "Smile! Jesus loves you!" as you found out you flunked your last mid term. Think about it-i was praying to a name that was not a usual English word. You don't (probably out of reverence) hear kids named Jesus (not Je-sus, spanish version but pronounced Gee-zus). You don't (unless you are a Christian or a person who is interested in religion) use "Jesus" in a sentence. You just...don't.
so sometimes, early in my faith, i would brain storm alternate names for Jesus that were more common. and laugh and think, what if the man that was crucified on the cross, in today's time was named John. We'd be singing, "There are so few words that never grow old...John" in a worship gathering. Or these days, Ethan's and Aiden's are ALL OVER the place. So what if Jesus' name, in today's time, was Aiden."There are so few words that never grow old....Aiden". Aiden would be our name of choice, writing worship songs in his name. Ok, this is kind of psychotic, i know, but follow me. (p.s. this posting is honestly what went through my head as a new Christian. I'm sorry i was a little afraid and maybe a little demented).   

But you what is crazy-is that in Jesus' time, JESUS was the popular name. There were probably 9,000 Jesus' alone in Jerusalem. I wonder if the early church sat around and sang in Greek songs about Jesus. and if so, were they weirded out singing about a name so common? Did they wish His name was something more unusual so they could distinguish it better? Or if someone went up to a person and said "Jesus changed my life" and the person had to go "Wait...Jesus of where again? Which Jesus? Oh, the guy who was crucified? Yeah, Jesus of Nazareth. Yep, heard about Him". And walk away and think, gosh-if only Jesus had a bit more of an unusual last name, like Bacon. (haha.)

There are so few words that never grow old...because Jesus is so unusual-that name is unusual for our time. That name has changed the course of history (well, being God, and all, He could). and over the last 12 years (on march 22nd) that name...has never grown old (even if I wanted to give Him a name makeover in the beginning).

Friday, February 22, 2008

Things that I Love (concept stolen from Bennett)

Ok, i will be honest-i haven't really blogged much this month. I have a lot of things swarming around in my brain, but i am not sure if i am ready to commit them to paper (or my blog). In the mean time, i will talk about things I currently love as it is Valentine's Day/Love Month. (husband and Jesus not included, as that is a given). 

since the writer's strike, i have had to entertain myself with reruns of 
America's Next Top Model (just 
plainly ridiculous),  
Bringing Home Baby (gets out any baby interests i have 
by watching others-great birth control),
 What Not to Wear (makes me feel better with my 
outfits these days).

Drives up Highway 1
there's nothing like driving
 through expansive areas that Highway 1 to Pacifica opens. When I need a break, need to turn off my brain...mike and i go for a drive. Today we went up to Half Moon Bay and ate lunch at a British Pubs called Cameron's. So worth it. So worth it. 

if you have not read these...you should. I about died of laughter in a worship gathering last week (please forgive me, it was text that came over. I sat through all the gatherings though. and paid attention.) All i hope for is that he beats Billary. If he doesn't and she is voted into office...I think Canada is in my future. Vintage Faith - Canada? Eh?

The Future
dreamy Sarah has been thinking about life and the future lately. Well, mike and my future, not necessarily time travel or meals in pill form. what does it look like? I am not sure. But I do know that I love, love love: meetings with people who energize me, seeing people change and teaching in a group setting (preferably 20-100 people). I'd like to own a retreat/conference center like place where I can offer conference classes/workshops to people (preferably over worked, underpaid pastors and church leaders) somewhere between Santa Cruz and Davenport. I also dream about a book contract, a teaching tour/speaking circuit and traveling all over, wherever to make a living and see God change lives.  

so thank you, Bennett for helping me commit the things I love to paper (or blog). 

Saturday, February 9, 2008


when i was a kid, i thought that anyone over the age of 22 must to be "grown up".  you are done with college, probably got married, and i figured I'd have 2 kids by 26 because I'd be "grown up" enough. i'm slightly weirded out because I'll be 27 in May and don't "feel" the age i'll be. Most days, I feel 21. And it really feels like yesterday that I was 21. not that 6 years is a huge age gap, but every year, the number increases, but i feel the same. 

i can't help but wonder am I grown up enough? am i responsible enough? stable enough? i think kids scare me because you really "grow up" when they are dependent on you constantly. that kind of freaks me out. i'm not sure if i'm ready to grow up just yet, this is realm of adulthood. but i can't help but wonder if I will ever feel it. maybe you don't. you're just thrown into responsibility, you don't wake up one morning and say, "boy, I feel like i'm now super adult and mrs. responsibility". i think that will be what happens to me. 

i guess i will eternally be 21 inside no matter if i have 2 kids attached to my hip. I'll just do my best to not dress 21 when i'm 55 and borrow my daughter's clothes (too much). 

Friday, February 1, 2008

inconsequential holidays and their meaning in the marriage covenant (a.k.a. V-Day and what it means to me)

I have been asked a few questions about V-Day and marriage lately. (note to reader: this isn't a deep blog post at all. If you are looking for deep, go find Shannon Marie or Havens. But tonight, i'm blogging on inconsequential holidays and their meaning in the marriage covenant. Not to say that the rest of my posts are too deep).  And well, in less than 14 days, many, many Americans will spend lots of money on their other half and celebrate the black hole holiday called Valentine's Day. Although, I am now married and in a committed long term relationship (i guess that is what marriage is :)), Valentine's Day brings many memories to my mind. 

Some Valentine's Day Highlights:
  • a certain boy, who will remain nameless, gave me some great eighties earrings and a necklace in the 2nd or 3rd grade. Asked me to "go around" with him and I said no. 
  • Who doesn't remember getting 9,000 Valentine's Day cards in elementary school, waiting for "that guy" to make you one. Then you receive them and each of them is from your 3 best friends, faking the guy's signature. 
  • junior high and high school years were a bit of a blur, but it seemed as though I would "date" a guy, but we'd get together over Christmas vacation or on that week back in school and then break up right before V-Day. Or break up with me on the day.
  • dated a guy in college who broke up with me on February 12th. I went out with the ladies and had a single girl's night out on V-Day. Then he wanted to get back together right as the 14th ended. I think it might have been a bit shady...I cant help but wonder if that was out of convenience. 
As i have been married, a few Valentine's Day highlights have been:
  • I'm sure we did something when we first were engaged. but sadly, i couldnt tell you what that was. 
  • first V-day as a married couple: watched all the kids at SCBBC for a fundraiser for a high school missions trip.
  • second V-day, probably ate at applebee's or taco bell as we just resigned from SCBBC 4 days before.
  • Third V-day, first in Santa Cruz...we both can't remember what we did. 
  • This year...probably going to have our first "romantic" night out for the holiday. Maybe. But honestly, we're kind of lazy. So we'll probably just have Ramen and beer.
What are my thoughts on V-Day, you ask? well, love should be a year around event. not once a year. share your love with friends, family and loved ones all the time. Not just on one of the biggest consumeristic holidays of the year. It's fun to love someone or everyone on that day, too. don't get me wrong. Shower the love. Maybe I'll make valentine's day cards for everyone this year. yet again, i am lazy so i probably won't and just eat Ramen and watch TLC. 

sarah is an insomniac


i dont love sleeping. i know i need it. i cant really go to bed right now. i am wide awake.

i was always really jealous of those people who function on 2-3 hours of sleep a night. i wish i could do that and not be a lunatic the next day. (I am sorry for all the people i have come into contact and have been subject to the next-day wrath). i typically need 9-10 hours of sleep a night but the last few weeks, i just cant get to bed before 11 and have to get up in the morning semi early (which is relative, to be honest).

so the bedtime ritual is this the last week or so: 
go to bed around 11. 
lay there for an hour. 
watch south park or listen to the history channel and try to sleep while mike is awake next to me. 
roll around for a half an hour and pray. 
count sheep. 
lose track of a sheep and go looking for it. 
bring it back into the pen and count again. 
roll around and try to get comfortable. 
feel my neck tighten. do neck loosening exercises on my pillow. 
look at the clock from across the room. 
pray again that i will be functional in the morning. 
finally fall asleep. 
(but wake up sometime that night to one or more of the following: rain shower, cat fight, skunk spraying my house).

maybe mike's lack of sleep is rubbing off on me. maybe i am becoming elderly and need less sleep than the past and function on less sleep. maybe my body is in "fight or flight" mode and cannot relax and is feeling as though i have to fend off a hyena in a tribal country. 

but here it is, 12:53 am (which is early for some of my fellow blogging friends) and i am awake, enjoying the warm glow of the computer screen.  

off to bed i go. 
wide awake i will be.