Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disposable Diaper Hell

Well, my little man has decided that anytime he pees, he MUST be changed right away. So, because of my little man's new pee episodes, he is using many more cloth diapers than originally. So, last night we ran out of diapers (we are using a service) so I went to the store to buy some disposables in the meantime. Every mom I talk to says, "just go with the Pampers-don't bother with the other brands". So, I, as a good mom, listen to my friends who dispose of their diapers and
buy the top of the line diapers. It'll work just as well as cloth, right?

well, last was fine. no issues. he didn't poo really, but I figured that it would be just fine. Mister I-decided-that-four-in-the-morning-is-my-wake-up-call was ever so cranky from being overly tired and constipated. We went for a 45 minute drive during lunch to catch some zzz's (he slept at most an hour today-makes for tired mommy and tired baby). After lunch with dad, I picked him up and realized he finally went #2. YAY!!! Then I felt something wet...and smelled, well, poo-like...and here we are, our first true blow out.

Ok, I think to myself, it's just the fact that he had a LOT in there and that is why he blew out of the diaper. I get home only to find out it's ONLY around the edges. No, nothing in the actual diaper portion. All on the edges and up his back. And, to top it all, he stained his insert to the car seat.

Well, I clean up my outrageously cranky child and put him in the swing for a moment while I clean up the mess. He starts to fuss again, so I sit and sing to him next to him in the swing, only to realize he blew out of the disposable AGAIN. I'm thinking, THIS one will be good. It has to be! I pick him up and find that the SAME thing happened AGAIN. I am thinking I have a botched set of diapers. I clean him up again and attempt to put him back in the swing to find out that he blew out onto the swing seat. Now THAT is talent! Now my ever so cranky kid needed to be put down so I could clean up the spot on the swing but would only be happy in the swing...ugh. Anyway, I never have these issues with cloth at all. I have never stained an outfit with cloth. I *sniff* miss my cloth!

Cranky Monster just went to sleep an hour ago. I'm truly exhausted from this day. And don't even put a paper diaper near me anytime in the near future. I will light it on fire. And... I am never, ever using 'Sposies again. Just sayin'.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I lied...

Ok, I am not leaving blogger after all. I found a cute blog name (finally) for Jack's blog on here. Blogger's just so popular that all the good names were gone!

so Jackson's blog is:
Jack=his name
Jackito=little Jack, also after we swaddle him, he looks like a burrito-a jackito, actually

ok, back to posting here. good thing my divorce papers weren't finalized! Sorry for the scare!

Monday, April 13, 2009

playing catch-up

So, after 4 weeks of barely any facebook, I am finally trying to catch up with the facebook messages (all 32 of them-and that's after reading and deleting some), emails and blogging that I have missed for the time being. I am totally overwhelmed by the love people show me, Mike and little Jack. But I am overwhelmed by "catching up". And on top of all the catching up I am doing on Facebook, I (daily) get a new "so and so is now following you on Twitter". Do I tweet? No. I set up an account a year ago and haven't touched it since. BUT I feel this overwhelming urge to now update my Twitter account since I am letting down so many people.

After a long, exasperating time of debating on whether I should add Twitter to my addiction to social networking, I read this interesting article. Online sociability fatigue, as they called it in the article, is growing, even in the Gen X-Gen Y market. We are getting tired of keeping up to keep up.

"A recent survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 45 percent of Americans in all age groups are enthusiastic about socializing via computer and mobile devices. Meanwhile, 48 percent are indifferent to Internet social networks, overwhelmed by gadgets or often avoiding Internet use altogether.

Perhaps most surprising was the presence of a group that fell in between -- the remaining 7 percent of the survey. These people, who had a median age of 29, are savvy about social networks and always carry mobile devices -- and yet they feel conflicted about staying in constant contact. Pew called them "ambivalent networkers."

I am an "ambivalent networker". I am conflicted about staying in contact. I want to be in contact with everyone. I don't want to miss out on anything. But is it really that important that I get so-and-so's twitter update? And let's face it-our addiction to social networking is probably not healthy. All the time we spend online could be spent elsewhere-with our friends, family, hobbies. Why carve out time for real relationships if we have facebook? It can create a false sense of community (not always, but it can). I was just telling someone that I don't want to go to my high school reunion...because i know what everyone is up to, thanks to social networking. Why bother spending 70$ for a get together when you can read about the people on their profile?

It also plays into our psychological side, if we are too busy, we cannot work on the things we need to work on. We can't even unplug long enough to figure out if we need any adjusting. Why bother looking internally? You can turn off any internal need for change this way. I think this plays into our spiritual lives as well. If we are too busy, we can't carve time out for God. I know I have spent too much time online and not enough time in all of these areas.

So, if I don't answer back on Facebook or Blogger, you know why. I am needing a breather (and taking care of a newborn). Taking a break. But don't think I don't love you. Just being in constant contact is really hard to do.

reliving the nineties

I am now old enough to have the band of my youth have reunion tours. I was reading in Rolling Stone magazine (r.s. 1075) that 90's bands have reunited for tours this summer: No Doubt, Limp Bizkit, Jane's Addiction, Pearl Jam among others.

"I always believed in the 15-year rule," says VH1 VP Rock Krim. "Fifteen years ago was the heart of the 1990's. It feels like fertile ground".

Ok, first of all, since when has it been fifteen years since the heart of my youth? where did the time go? For real. Second, if you are a popular band now, does that mean in 2024, Nickelback, John Mayer and the dude who sounds like the Counting Crows (but isn't) will have a comeback tour? Don't sell me a ticket to that one. Not my era of music. Just find tickets to Ben Folds concerts when he's 65 and playing at Mtn Winery.

alright, sell me a hugely overpriced ticket to Lollapalooza or BFD already. Time to revisit my heyday (well, musically speaking).