Monday, December 29, 2008

Pregnant Diaries: Hello, Third Trimester!

The last 29 weeks have flown by. It's crazy to think that I am 7 months pregnant. It's been funny, the last couple of weeks. I have heard about some people finding out they are pregnant...and due in August. I almost laughed out loud because in my head, it's still July and I am living in the shock of having a baby in 9 months and there is NO WAY they are pregnant and due in August. It's just not physically possible! Well, note to self, it's NOT July and you are only 11 weeks from your due date and it IS possible for someone to be pregnant and due in August. 

It feels like he's put on a lot of weight between 25 and 29 weeks. I have been feeling body parts poking out for a couple of weeks now. I think his head is underneath my rib cage and his feet play pitter-patter on my bladder. He must be a drummer. Or a dancer. (I'll take a drummer). 

I've really loved pregnancy. I told Mike a couple of weeks ago that if we lived in the midwest or some place super cheap, I would be a baby maker. (I couldn't really live in the midwest though, so I think we will just stick with 2, living in california). I get why women have kid after kid, especially if they've had it easy. Well, I did have it easy...until 28 weeks. 

BOOM! Here you are, third trimester and you have brought and onslaught of new pain. I literally woke up on my 28th week and had a new pain each day. Hello, back pain and pelvic pain that makes it impossible to walk! Welcome, waddling because it hurts to walk with one foot in front of each other! Welcome back, exhaustion that causes me to have to sit while doing my hair and holds me back from cleaning my house! 

I am really wondering how I will make it another 11 weeks with this. I'm only going to get bigger (I love how I've gotten comments lately of..."wow, do you think you'll make it to March? You're already so big!").  Um, I'm not really THAT big, I'm just not 5'10" and have an extremely long torso to hide a baby until 6 months. Anyway, Life is only going to get crazier (we have Christa's wedding this weekend, Theodyssey retreat the next, and a TON of work to do before I go on maternity leave...including planning for Easter). Mike thinks Jack is going to show up early. I hope so. Not too early, but just right on time, you know? But realistically, he will either catch me off guard and be born at like 37 weeks and I will have not had the time to prepare or he will be ridiculously late and I will be making jokes from upfront on Sundays about wanting this baby out of me (going on 44 weeks, people...someone help!). 

Either way, sometime between now and March 26th, I will have had a baby. I'm excited and definitely looking forward to meeting the little squirmer that's been in me for so long. I just can't believe it's almost here. Wasn't it just October? 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pregnant Diaries: Preparing for Poop

Ok, so as you know, a baby creates SO much waste its first year of life. Eat, poop, sleep. eat, poop, sleep. Repeat. I am a big believer in doing my part to not kill the environment and...basically, I'm cheap. And I hear cloth diapering is cheaper than disposables and I am just fine going cheap. And if I help the environment at the same time, awesome! :)  

So, I am now preparing for poop. I hope to go cloth most of the time, knowing that disposables will be needed from time to time (long trips, staying at grandpa's house, if he's watched by a non-mom who's weirded out by know, those things). I don't plan to use a diaper service, especially when Jack is young and I am home sitting on my butt for 6 weeks (recuperating). I figure...I am really close to the laundry room-I can do my own laundry (Nini...I hope you are not grossed out by this. I will be rinsing them before I wash. And I will be washing them on hot...err...i think). 

So, here's the question-are there any cloth diapering moms out there? If so, which brands and products do you use? Which brands have you liked as a newborn, infant, toddler, etc. I am just trying to...prepare. At least now while I have a couple of bucks to spend :). 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a long december

and it's been a long December and there's reason to believe
maybe this year will be better than the last 
I can't remember all the times I tried to tell myself 
to hold on to these moments as they pass
-Counting Crows 

I remember my toast from New Year's Eve 2008. "2008 will be great" we all echoed as we clanked glasses and watched the ball drop in New York (3 hours later, of course). 

the next few months flew by. I felt like we were living out the saying although I can't even remember what exactly happened. The next thing I knew, it was Easter, and then April. I then spent a great weekend celebrating the wedding of Tristan and Sara, in a beautiful ceremony and reception in Arroyo Grande, remembering all the great memories I have with my husband. I even titled my photo album "I love far", I guess preparing myself for the other shoe to drop. 

Soon enough, it was May, celebrating birthday #27, with a small group of friends. Made the best sangria I have ever had. :) it was the first time since I left Westgate that I felt like I had a community of friends. That God had brought to me one of my biggest needs and listened to my heart. 

I enjoyed watching time fly. I watched my Nissan of 7 years die, a slow, bitter death, as it lay in my carport for 4 months. It was truly an end of an era: I bought it when I was 20, the first car I bought without the help of my father or another man to help pick it out (on the heels of a break up as well), and felt that I bought a fair, gently used vehicle.  July hit and we bought our first joint vehicle together: 2001 Subaru Outback, our family vehicle for the day that we decided to add to the Martin 2. That was July 11th... and on July 12th, we found out we were starting a family. 

Shock and awe. Shock and awe. Shock and awe. 
That sums up July, August and September.

October and November are a blur to me, as I watched my waistband increase, so did my workload. We had a lot of projects during that time...sanctuary redesign, relaunching our 9AM gathering, artists potluck, Christmas set up...I somehow don't remember how I made it through this insanity. And yet, I did. And the end result was beautiful. During the redesign we moved for the 4th time in our marriage, for good (so i thought). I thought I was going to lose my mind, but somehow, we made it through. I was dreaming about how we would decorate the nursery and how uniquely "us" our new place is. And somewhere in between all of that, we found out we are having a baby boy. We watched him on the ultrasound screen, saw his little face even in 3-D. a baby boy to play with, to chase, to hug, to tickle, to love. We will give him everything we have. 
jackson. our baby jackson.

November left us with the sad note of Mike's 95-year-old grandmother's request for help as her 99-year-old husband fell and was immobile. We dropped our Thanksgiving plans, drove to LA and visited her that night. She shooed us out of the house, telling us that we needed to have a "real" Thanksgiving dinner, passing some money off to us. We drove around Seal Beach about to resign on eating at a gas station, but found a table at Mimi's Cafe. We had our "real" Thanksgiving that night, but thankful, in the end that Grandma was just scared from her beloved's fall, and they will, in the end, be okay for a little while.

As fast at those first 11 months came, the last 2 weeks have been unequally as slow. My first day back in the office after dealing with Grandma's scare, I had my own. The mood was solemn, and I could sense change in the air for weeks now. Each day was like breathing in and out of a balloon-you know something isn't right, but it's something to fill your lungs, something to satiate the innate need of breath, even if it isn't what is truly needed. In the balloon-trapped room, they sat me down. 15 hours less a week you will be working starting January and your workload will change. You will lose your insurance after the baby is born. I'm sorry. 


i lived in shock for about 3 days. I could still be in shock now. I don't know. I've not cried this much since I was a raging, hormonal junior higher, scared to go to school each day for fear of being jumped or stabbed. 
You know, it all makes sense. Economy. It affects all. The things that effect business, effect church. If it effects church, it effects the budget. Which effects salaries. Which effects me. 

Deep down, it effects me at my core. Within Maslow's hierarchy of needs, I am at the bottom. I'm having a baby which changes everything. It changes how I view life. It's changing my values. And it's changing me practically. Every little thing that I was saving for, I can't now. I am 12 weeks away from my due date. I can't afford to take more than 4 weeks off now. We can't stay in our current place, especially after the baby is born, now looking for a room to rent instead of a home. Every little need I could take care of before, I can't now. 
I am scared. I am a scared girl, holding onto whatever I can. Holding onto the only Hope I know.

I feel like December has been in a time warp, where each day goes by slower and each moment that passes by gets harder. A feeling that 2008 may never end. The first 11 months were so good and went by so fast...and now I am realizing how much I took the good for granted. I'm just trying to breathe each breath now with thankfulness. Slow down and enjoy. And truly, although I am scared and have more unknowns than I have experienced in 4 years, I'm finding this time beautiful. Scary but beautiful. 

It's been a long December, but there is hope. 

i feel like all I have left in my hands are love and hope. The love and support and care of the Vintage community. How I need it more than ever. The love of my family. The love from Mike and Jackson.  My love for all of the above. And...hope. Hope that God will take care of my needs...our needs. Hope for a change and a future brighter than what I could ever paint. Hope for the tangible to be met and the intangible to change me for the better. for the sake of others. for the sake of God.
Hope that this year will be better than the last.