Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pregnant Diaries: Childbirth...part deux

Well...I must say, childbirth class (now that Mike is there) has been a breeze. So much easier to cope in fake labor knowing he is there. I have yet to make life long relationships with any of these people, but they all seem nice and excited about having a baby. One girl, who is due a month before me is having twin boys. (She also looks about 5 years younger than me, but that's beside the point). It's interesting to see people carry differently, gain weight differently, and overall have a different pregnancy than others. My belly has grown a bit since last week, but I feel a little self conscious. I am sure my belly will expand after Thanksgiving next week!

Ok, so question to my mom friends out there. Does anyone have recommendations on books on birthing and natural childbirth? How about books on preparing your birth partner? I am hoping to go a long way without drugs, if not all the way, but I need all the resources I can get. What are your thoughts?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pregnant Diaries: Childbirth Class - week 1

Well, you know that you are having a baby for real when you sign up for a childbirth class. It sinks into deep reality when you actually show up to class (in all fear and trembling). "They" say you should take a class in your second trimester, when you are more comfortable and have energy, so we signed up for a class at Sutter Hospital in August, when we were just starting the second trimester. I remember thinking, "gosh, November is so far away. I'm sure I'll be huge by then" looking down at my lack of a belly bump. Well, time flies (in case you haven't heard) and here we are, in November, and here I am, taking a childbirth class. 

It was a nice Wednesday night. Unfortunately, Mike had the flu so he ended up staying home that night. I show up a few minutes early, sign in on the little "sign in" sheet and sit down. I look down at my syllabus for the class, try not to hyperventilate, realizing that I am sure I look like a single mom whose boyfriend left her at the moment she shared the news with him (nothing wrong with that, but just saying) and scan the room. Everyone looks more pregnant than me (for the record, it was cold so I layered that day, which I am sure played a factor in my lack of bump and all the ladies were all due earlier than me). Everyone. Even the men. There is only one other lady without a spousal/partner unit there and she came in late so we didn't have a chance to really say hi. I realize I probably look like a crazy who "shows" up to these things, psychologically thinking she is pregnant but isn't and just had a really big burrito for dinner that night. 

So, the first thing she makes us do it mingle. Ok, I know I make everyone mingle at Vintage at times and it can be super, duper awkward. I really do know and feel your pain. But there is NOTHING more awkward than having to play "baby bingo" with 18 couples who are much farther along than me, who are all thinking I'm a crazy who shows up at baby classes who probably has never been pregnant her life. Everyone was really nice, but I can't help but wonder what they were thinking. And all I think about is during this time of forced socialization is that I want the class to actually start and talk about the important things coming up, not playing bingo (for no prize, mind you) with men and women with real bumps. 

Anyway, the rest of the class does go by quickly, with large diagrams of full term babies, a video of the stages of labor (even including a crotch shot of a baby coming out! The mom cries, "that doesn't look like a baby!" when asked to look down at it), a time of class discussion, mostly talking about the questions the men had. Everything was going smoothly, practicing some breathing techniques until in came to a screeching halt. Time to practice partner-led breathing. Oh crap. 

I look for my single mom compadre and we both give each other the "want to be my partner?" look and we get settled to practice. But before we start, the instructor comes over to us and says, "so, you're flying solo tonight?" "Yes", we both reply. Then she splits us up, my friend practicing with someone's 2nd birth coach (yep, she brought 2) and I end up being teacher's example. 

Honestly, it was nice having her as the one to teach me the technique, because in turn I had to go home and teach it to Mike. At least she knows what she is doing. But it was also weird knowing that the whole class was probably watching me to make sure they were doing the technique right. Luckily, class ended right after that and I split as soon as I could and got out of there.

So that was my first week's experience. Can't wait for next Wednesday! I am thinking it could only go up from here, right?  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where have I been...?

Well, I must confess I have not blogged (really) in the long time. Here and there, thoughts popped into my mind but no time to actually blog. So, how was the month of October in Sarahland? Here's a synopsis of the last month. 

Early October: Find out that we have been accepted for a (bigger! cheaper!) apartment down the street. Jump on that. Start packing the house. Start Theodyssey. Get really excited to feel like I am at school again. My mom comes over to help me pack. I get stuck in the packing process. 

Mid October: Decide that moving during the sanctuary redesign while having a baby would be a really fun thing to do. Spend 11 hours telling people to rip out pews, build staging, set up chairs. Then get up the next morning and run gatherings. Decide to do it again the next weekend and set up curtains, prayer stations and more set up. Get up the next morning and run our first 9am gathering. Decide to never do a major remodel at work and move at the same time while pregnant.

Late October: Spend exactly one week without the internet or cable at my house. Try to figure out what to do with all the spare time. Sleep when not cleaning or moving. Spend 2 weeks packing, moving (what I actually can move), cleaning (what I can) at our old house, realize that I love our new house all the more. Mom comes over and helps again. I finally have the internet and cable. Slightly miss my fast. Decide to not go over to the other house unless I have to. Do a walk through with landlords after complying a few times to let them show the house at inconvenient times. Smile politely and cross my fingers that the house is in an ok enough situation to rent (it's so subjective, you know?). Do another walk through and find out we had more cleaning to do. Spend four hours cleaning the carport and vacuuming plus other things that Mike did. Crash. Wake up the next morning to hear that we will receive our full deposit back. Realize that working hard does pay off. 

So that has been my month. I am utterly exhausted both at work and at home right now. I'm barely functional. But I figure this is just training ground for when I have an infant and work full time so I better not complain. 

So now, I am going to now turn back our clocks and get my extra hour of sleep that I dreadfully need right now. But before I go, I will leave you with this...