Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pregnant diaries: Jackson

so, as you all know, we have decided to name the boy who is residing in my womb Jackson (and you can call him Jack if you'd like). There are so many great reasons to name this little guy Jackson. Let's recall all the great Jackson's in our lives. 

"Jackson" - by Johnny Cash (and June Carter Cash, I believe). This was a huge inspiration for me (well, I love Johnny Cash. The song is um...maybe not a rendering of our situation :)). Gotta love Johnny. 
"Yeah, I'm goin' to Jackson 
Look out Jackson town."

Jackson 5-those were much brighter days for Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael.
"'s easy as 1, 2, 3"

Jackson, California - special place in any Californian's heart. 

Luscious Jackson - a great 1990's band (my glory days). 

Jackson Browne - epic. a little odd. but epic.

Jackson Pollock - well, minus his issues with alcohol, he paved his way in the modern expressionist movement creating amazing art....well, maybe we don't use him as an example.

soon enough, Jackson _____ Martin will be joining all the great Jackson's of history. I can't wait to welcome him into the circle of greatness. 

pregnant diaries: ...

as I went to work this morning, I had a great idea of a blog. Inspirational. Funny. Motivational. 


pregnancy brain has gotten the best of me. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pregnant Diaries: Take your bets!

I officially have 34 days to go (if he actually shows on his due date)! That's actually crazy to think that. I'm 35 weeks, 1 day and counting! 

Ok, so there are baby bets taking place on Facebook, so I thought I'd make it official on the blog. You are invited to throw in your bets starting now! How long will I be in labor? How big will the baby be? What day will he be born? These are all the questions I ask and yet, I won't know til I get there! So bets start NOW-throw in your best guess!! There might even be a prize associated to the person who guesses the closest (depending how well my labor goes, I may throw out a few prizes to the different areas of betting, if I am in a good mood). Betting closes at 11:59pm, March 12th!

So, here's the format for the bet:
The Day

The Baby

Happy betting!!